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The Background

I’ve had an idea for a game in my head for a while, and I’ve been making notes (Workflowy is good for hierarchical note taking) so that even if I wasn’t going to use the ideas immediately, at least they wouldn’t be lost.  As an aside, programming takes up a lot of head space, so I think that decades of clearing my mind have given me a tendency to flush things that aren’t immediately relevant (this is also why you shouldn’t interrupt a programmer).  If an idea’s written down somewhere then I can feel safe enough to forget it – I think this is also why I’ve found that adding something to a wishlist feels almost as satisfying as buying it.

Anyway, last year I started working on actually building the game in Unity, but the learning curve coupled with my inability to concentrate on one project for long enough to finish it meant that I didn’t get very far.

Now I’ve returned to the project and I’ve decided to build a gameplay prototype rather than attempt the whole thing at once.  This should give me a shorter term milestone, as well as making sure that the core gameplay is fun and worth the larger investment of time. Read the rest of this entry »