Book Review – Veins by Drew

Veins by Drew

Veins by Drew

The blurb says:

VEINS is a tragicomedy novel about 22 years of a man’s life in the middle of Ohio. The first novel by Drew, writer of the long-running comics Toothpaste For Dinner and Married To The Sea. Dark, weird, and funny.

“For my whole life I’ve had 0 friends or 1 friend, which sounds sad. But in binary, that’s all of them.”

“Sandpaper is like life. If it wasn’t rough, it wouldn’t be worth anything.”

This is a fictional autobiography of a …troubled… young man.  I’m not sure how else to describe it – the main character just usually does his best to get by in a world that he doesn’t understand and that doesn’t understand him, and it goes wrong in amusing ways.

I felt bad as I read this book, not only because the main character is so often obviously going down a path that will cause him trouble, but also because I felt like the author was mocking people who are less intelligent than him (and presumably the reader).

It was funny, but in the same way that laughing at a fart at a funeral is funny – someone else’s tragedy is your comedy.  You feel bad about laughing but can’t help it.

I don’t think the book really had a story arc – the character just recounts the story of his life and the book ends when he catches up with the present.