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Woot is a website that offers one item at a time, on sale for one day only.  It’s usually a good deal, but in order to make sure you don’t miss a bargain you’ll need to visit the site every day.  On the other hand nowadays “limited availability” tends to just be a gimmick to get people to buy.

They also have specific sub-domains for different types of products, for example t-shirts.  There have been several cases where they had a shirt for sale that I really wanted but didn’t find out about until after the brief window had closed and it was no longer available.

Now they’re reprinting (almost) every t-shirt design, so if you missed one you can still get it!  Including the Uranium: 92 Protons of Boom shirt I blogged about five years ago (wow) and have been wearing ever since.

There are LOADS of awesome designs, but in order to keep some of money in my own hands I’m going to have to limit myself to my absolute favorites:

Shoot First

Shoot First

This hits multiple vulnerable spots – Star Wars, Han Solo, old adventure games, Han shot first…  No matter how many times I look at it, I can’t avoid thinking “this is awesome, I must have it!”

The other one on my shortlist is this one:

Sky Invader

Sky Invader

This hits the classic aliens from Space Invaders and the Dark Knight Rises poster.

Special mention also goes out to Only Memories, which is beautifully melancholy and Swept Away which combines my love of reading with my love of flying ships.

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