Battlefield 1943

Battlefield 1943
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Battlefield 1943 was released on Xbox Live Arcade yesterday (it comes out on the PlayStation Network today) and it puts a lot of other XBLA games to shame.

I’m getting a lot of hits from searches like “failed to connect to ea online”, so here’s something to help those people:

EA underestimated the demand for Battlefield 1943, so there aren’t enough servers.  They’re adding more, so just be patient and either keep trying to connect or wait a day or two.  In the meantime you can follow their twitter feed or go to their forums for news.

It must be embarrassing for a large company like EA to be having problems like this when it’s exactly the sort of thing that big companies are supposed to be good at.  They had to have known that everyone that bought either of the Battlefield games on Xbox plus a load of new people were going to want to pay Battlefield 1943 on the first day…

The best news for me was finding out that Battlefield 1943 has Battlefield: Bad Company style destruction.  In fact although it’s a bit less detailed in some ways, I think you can destroy slightly more objects.  All games should have destructible environments (I’m looking at you, Modern Warfare 2).

One thing that annoyed me was that the airplane controls have the vertical axis the wrong way around, presumably to cater for console-heads who’ve never used a joystick.  It’s easily fixable in the options, and I was surprised how natural it felt to get back in the cockpit after not having played a flight-sim in years.  I still can’t accurately bomb targets worth a crap though.

Battlefield 1943 comes with three islands, and there’s a well publicized competition to unlock the fourth one when there’s a total of 43 million kills in the game.  I really like the idea of the competition, but the new map is planes only, and there’s a reason I don’t buy flight-sims on console.

Why is it that every Battlefield game on the Xbox prompts you for the hard drive every time you start it?  Especially as it’s the only storage medium connected.  It would be nice if it could assume that I want to use the last storage medium I chose, or at least if it could be configured to assume that.  And then it shows the help text about auto-saves, which I really don’t need to see again.

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