State of the blog 2008-12-31

The server move I mentioned previously has finally been completed.  So far everything seems to work except for some WordPress plugins – Disqus, Zemanta, WP SuperCache, XML Sitemap Generator and WP to Twitter.  Currently I suspect a problem in the way Easily have set up security or PHP on the new server.  Regular posting will commence as soon as all this is fixed.

As it’s almost the end of the year, this might be a good time to take stock of 2008.

I posted a lot more in 2008 – 168 out of my 196 posts were written this year.  I posted almost daily from October through December (until the sever move problems).  I also had a lot of comments and discussion on a few popular posts.

I switched from Blogger to WordPress and moved servers a couple times.

So what about 2009?

I intend to continue posting more or less daily.  Beyond that I don’t really have any plans.  I tend to be always trying out new technologies, so there’s no way to know where that will lead in the coming year.

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