Footnotes plugin for WordPress

I’ve wanted to add footnotes to my blog posts for a while – it’s a writing style I enjoy using – but it’s only recently that I actually thought to look for a WordPress plugin – doh.

The new WordPress 2.7 plugin browser makes that a lot less painful.  There were a few different footnote plugings, but in the end I settled on WP-Footnotes.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, using it is extremely simple – you just put your footnote in the text of your post surrounded by double parantheses.  When you view the post the plugin replaces the text in the double parantheses with a number and puts the footnote at the bottom of the post1.

The number is automatically generated so you don’t have to work out the right one to use if you have a lot of footnotes, and the number is made a link so your readers can click on it to jump to the footnote and then click on a link there to jump back.

The only (very minor) problem I have with the plugin is that the footnotes are placed below the Zemanta related links and the Outbrain rating stars, but above the Disqus comments, so they can be hard to see.  It’s not the footnote plugin’s fault, it’s just a bit unfortunate.

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