Google makes domain squatters' life easier, everyone else's harder

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Don’t you hate it when you do a search or follow a link or type in a URL and you get a domain squatter?

These are people that buy up thousands of domains and don’t use them for anything real, they just stick ads on a page with no actual content.  Why do they do this?  Because they make money from the 0.00001% of people that click on one of their ads – same logic as spam.

Even worse, they often buy domains for misspellings of real domains so if you type the URL in wrong you see their ads instead of the page you wanted (this is called typo squatting).  It’s internet pollution.

This is also why it’s pretty much impossible to get the domain name you want anymore – they’re all owned by domain squatters.

Now Google is helping these people (and hurting you) by creating an AdSense program specifically for domain squatting.  Because Google gets paid same as the squatters do when those ads get clicked on.

I guess “do no evil” gets trumped by “recession”.

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