Radiohead – Reckoner

Radiohead - In Rainbows Cover

Image by Sigalakos via Flickr

I recognized the song Reckoner from Radiohead’s album In Rainbows in tonight’s episode of Life (Evil… and His Brother Ziggy).

I didn’t notice it in the first series of Life, but the music in this series is absolutely fantastic.

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Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress

I recently tried out the Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress.  Unsurprisingly, the purpose of the plugin is to check your blog posts for broken links so you can fix or delete them as appropriate.

It goes through all your posts, collects all the links and checks them.  It does this once every few days and only when you have the admin interface open.

The plugin doesn’t slow your blog down, though the admin interface pages never seem to finish loading because they’re running the link checking code.

It found several broken links on my blog, along with some false positives.

To be honest I decided that I wasn’t that worried about the broken links.  A two year-old link to a page that no longer exists isn’t really a problem that needs fixing – it’s an honest historical record of the post.  In any case since the broken links refer to pages that have no replacement, the only option would be to remove the links completely and I’m not convinced the improvement would be worth the effort.

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Zemanta default picture suggestion haiku 2008-12-03

Image by john curley via Flickr

They came from afar
In vehicles bright and strange
The art show went great

Not sure this worked the way I wanted to. When I first saw the picture I thought hey, that art show looks like an alien landing so I started writing the haiku for an alien landing, but then switched it back to an art show at the last second as a joke. I guess it only works if it looks like both an alien landing and an art show to you.

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