National Blog Posting Month – retrospective

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Now that November’s over I’m looking back at how posting every day for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) went.

There’s no two ways about it – posting every day is hard.  For a handful of days I (sort of) cheated by just posting a haiku based on one of Zemanta‘s default picture suggestions.  On the up side there were a lot of proper posts that wouldn’t have been written if I hadn’t been trying to post regularly.

Jure Cuhalev wrote recently that blog posts get the readership they deserve, and I think he’s right – the haiku get hardly any hits whereas the meatier posts get more hits and even some comments.

I usually run so short of topics that at most I managed to write posts one day in advance.  Jure apparently writes most of his week’s posts all at once on Sunday, but I don’t think I’d be able to do that.

On a purely avaricious note, in general it seems that more content = more (and better) hits = more ad conversion = more money.  Here is a graph of my Google AdSense earnings for October and November:

Google AdSense Earnings Oct-Nov 2008

Google AdSense Earnings Oct-Nov 2008

Obviously I’m not blowing anyone’s doors off financially (it’s really just a way of keeping score) but the point is the difference between October (not blogging every day) and November (blogging every day) – pretty dramatic, I think.

In conclusion I will continue to try and post every day, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I miss a day.

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Zemanta default picture suggestion haiku 2008-12-02

All Ashore
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Ghost ship floating by
Idly wandering through fog
Dead or just sleeping?

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