Goodbye Plurk

Plurk logo

Plurk logo

I’ve been using Plurk since I found out about it five months ago, but I think I’m going to stop.

I don’t have anything against the site or the service – it’s feature rich and easy to use.

The problem is that fewer and fewer people seem to be using it – most days I’m the only person (among my contacts) who posts anything.  The posts that do happen tend to just be re-posted tweets.  I found myself posting just to keep up my karma, which quickly starts to feel futile.

I suspect that people flocked to Plurk when it was new because it was new, but then got bored and returned to the services they were using before.  I think I’ll do the same thing – I joined Twitter a year and a half ago, but never really used it.

Plurk is much more usable than Twitter, but Twitter is winning out of sheer popularity.  Companies are even monitoring Twitter for product mentions – it’s a lot closer to mainstream.

GetSatisfaction‘s Overheard feature even shows recent mentions of Plurk on Twitter.

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