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When you write a blog post it’s nice to be able to publicize it a bit to increase its chances of being read.

One easy way of doing this is to post a link to your blog entry on social networking sites like Twitter.

The cross-posting process could be easier because it’s still a lot of effort to post to multiple social networking sites for every blog post. simplifies this (because that’s its whole purpose), but it still requires you to remember to use each time you write a blog post.

The PingPressFM plugin for WordPress solves this problem by automatically sending your blog post to  You set up triggers to use – for example you can have forward the whole blog post to a blogging service like Tumblr, send an extract to a microblogging service like Twitter or set your status on a service like Facebook.

In the first post that I used PingPressFM with, I used the trigger that forwards the whole blog post.  The problem with this is that since v2.6, WordPress has added captions to images, and they use a non-HTML tag.  Neither PingPressFM, nor the end recipient service seem to be able to strip or correctly process this tag.  So your blog post in the recipient service ends up with tag garbage in it.  I’ve reported the problem to PingPressFM support, support and WordPress support, but so far there’s been no resolution.

In the second post that I used PingPressFM with, I used the trigger that sends an extract to microblogging services – that seemed to work fine.

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