Amazon S3 plugin for WordPress

 Amazon S3 WordPress plugin Amazon S3 WordPress plugin

I’ve been using Amazon S3 for a while – I originally signed up in order to use JungleDisk, which uses S3 as its storage back end.

I only have good things to say about the service – you get unlimited storage, the pricing scheme is very reasonable and it has ridiculously good uptime.

I recently found the Amazon S3 plugin for WordPress, and tried it out for the first time in my last post.

The plugin has two ways for you to upload files.  There’s a button which just uploads the file and puts it directly into your post.  Intead of that, you can use the classic WordPress Add Image etc. buttons which have been modified by the plugin to store the files on S3 instead of your server.

I prefer using the classic buttons, because WordPress creates thumbnails for them and you can set a caption.

So far it seems to work perfectly and I’m considering going back through all my old posts and moving the media to S3.

One of the really cool things you can do with Amazon S3 (and you can take advantage of with the plugin) is use a CNAME DNS entry to use a subdomain to point to your S3 bucket.  This means that links to the uploaded files will be accessible using instead of  Setting it up is a bit technical, but there are instructions.

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