Dear TV Executives – why are all the good shows on at the same time?

Chuck (TV series)

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Last night Chuck, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and The Big Bang Theory / How I Met Your Mother were all on at the same time.

In the past, two programs on at the same time would have been a problem.  Now that we have DVR‘s that can simultaneously record two programs, you put three things on at the same time?

It can’t be accidental – you must know what the other channels are going to show.  What I don’t understand is what benefit there could be in forcing the public to choose between shows?  Why not let us watch everything?  Then everyone’s commercials get viewed and everyone gets paid.

The Big Bang Theory

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I’ll even let you in on a secret – people watch TV seven days a week.  Everything doesn’t have to be on Monday evening.  In fact, everything doesn’t have to be on at prime time – with more and more people using DVR’s, you could put your show on at 1am and people would still watch it at prime time (or whenever’s convenient).

Which brings me to another point – why does (almost) all the good stuff start in September?  We also watch TV all year round.

P.S. please get rid of all reality TV shows, thx

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