Upgraded to PHP5


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Apologies for the downtime today, the site was being moved to a server that was running PHP5.  Don’t ask me why the old one couldn’t be upgraded from PHP4 – v5 was released four years ago and v4 was end-of-life’d two months ago.

For whatever reason instead of just moving my website to another server, Easily deleted my files from the old server and gave me a login to the new one – no attempt to copy the files over, no attempt at reducing downtime.  And it still took them a week.

The DNS will take up to 24 hours to propogate, but if you’re still looking at the old IP you won’t be able to read this, so never mind.

The move went mostly smoothly, except for when I uploaded the backup to the wrong server, and when SmartFTP decided to not create half the directories it needed…

Let me know if anything is broken.

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