Gram Rabbit – Devil's Playground

The first episode of the new series of Life (Find Your Happy Place) had a great song in the background while they’re finding all the bodies in the trunks – Devil’s Playground by Gram Rabbit:

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The Pierces – Secret

The ad for the new series of Dexter has a cool song in the background and I tracked it down – it’s Secret by The Pierces:

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Zemanta adds multiple images per post and drag & drop

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in CrunchBase

Image by Zemanta via CrunchBase

I’ve been using Zemanta for about 6 months.  It started off as a very impressive way to add links and pictures to blog posts with minimal effort, and got better and better with every update.

Recently they released an update which added personalization – you can give it information about feeds you’re interested in, your Flickr account etc. and it uses those in its recommendations so it’s more closely suited to the topics you write about.

Today they announced that Zemanta now supports multiple images per post and drag & drop rearranging of images within the post.  From Zemanta’s Get Satisfaction page it was pretty clear that these were the top two feature requests everyone had, so I’m very glad to see that Zemanta have added them.  I’ve had a quick play with them while writing this post and I’m very impressed.

Zemanta Drag and Drop Images from zemanta on Vimeo.

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