At last I have an excuse


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When I turned 20 I noticed that I’d started forgetting things.  It sneaks up on you because it’s not obvious what you don’t remember until you try to remember it.

By the time it settled down to a constant amount of forgetfullness, the pattern seemed to be that I couldn’t remember things that took place more than a week ago.  I don’t mean that I was unable to remember anything, just that everything I forgot happened to be at least a week old.

I initially blamed it on old age, except that 20 isn’t old and now I’m 30 and it hasn’t gotten noticeably worse.  Maybe I had a mini-stroke and blew a fuse (apparently these things happen), although that sounds far too melodramatic and hypochondriac to be true.

Anyway, finally I have an excuse for my poor memory – Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) just came up with a great (and flattering) explanation:

Creativity is highly correlated to poor memory.

For me, ideas stream through my head at a frantic pace. I feel like a bear trying to grab a salmon. If my paw misses its target, that salmon is gone for good. I don’t dwell on it. I just lunge for the next salmon. I think people who have fewer thoughts per hour have time to let them settle in and form memories. It’s just a theory.

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