Today I found out about a website called hubdub. It’s a game where you bet on what will happen with a news story – for example who will win the US elections:

It doesn’t use real money, and it’s loads of fun.  There are lots of different news stories – politics, sport, entertainment, world, business, technology, science etc.

It does all sorts of real stock market type fluctuations and you can buy low, sell high etc. instead of waiting for the final result.  For example if you bet on Barack Obama and then a lot of other people bet on Obama, your bet will be worth more than it was when you made it so you can cash it in early and keep the difference.  However if after you bet on Obama a lot of people bet on John McCain, your bet would be worth less so you would lose money by cashing in but you could still wait to find out what the final result was, in which case you win if you’re right no matter what other people bet.

You can also add your own questions for people to vote on.  I’d like to add my own question but I haven’t thought of anything measurable enough yet.

If you want to join, use my referral link 🙂

EDIT: I’ve added my first hubdub question:

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