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At last I have an excuse


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When I turned 20 I noticed that I’d started forgetting things.  It sneaks up on you because it’s not obvious what you don’t remember until you try to remember it.

By the time it settled down to a constant amount of forgetfullness, the pattern seemed to be that I couldn’t remember things that took place more than a week ago.  I don’t mean that I was unable to remember anything, just that everything I forgot happened to be at least a week old.

I initially blamed it on old age, except that 20 isn’t old and now I’m 30 and it hasn’t gotten noticeably worse.  Maybe I had a mini-stroke and blew a fuse (apparently these things happen), although that sounds far too melodramatic and hypochondriac to be true.

Anyway, finally I have an excuse for my poor memory – Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) just came up with a great (and flattering) explanation:

Creativity is highly correlated to poor memory.

For me, ideas stream through my head at a frantic pace. I feel like a bear trying to grab a salmon. If my paw misses its target, that salmon is gone for good. I don’t dwell on it. I just lunge for the next salmon. I think people who have fewer thoughts per hour have time to let them settle in and form memories. It’s just a theory.

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Today I found out about a website called hubdub. It’s a game where you bet on what will happen with a news story – for example who will win the US elections:

It doesn’t use real money, and it’s loads of fun.  There are lots of different news stories – politics, sport, entertainment, world, business, technology, science etc.

It does all sorts of real stock market type fluctuations and you can buy low, sell high etc. instead of waiting for the final result.  For example if you bet on Barack Obama and then a lot of other people bet on Obama, your bet will be worth more than it was when you made it so you can cash it in early and keep the difference.  However if after you bet on Obama a lot of people bet on John McCain, your bet would be worth less so you would lose money by cashing in but you could still wait to find out what the final result was, in which case you win if you’re right no matter what other people bet.

You can also add your own questions for people to vote on.  I’d like to add my own question but I haven’t thought of anything measurable enough yet.

If you want to join, use my referral link 🙂

EDIT: I’ve added my first hubdub question:

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Google Chrome released :) and broken :(

Google Chrome logo

Google Chrome logo

As promised, the beta of Google Chrome was released today.  With great anticipation I downloaded and installed it.


The installer went away for a while, using 100% (of one) CPU, but I think that was because of the sheer size of my browsing history being imported from Firefox.  Need a progress bar there, I think.

When it finally installed, I started it up and…

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click OK to terminate the application.

I get that message every time I try to load any page.

That makes me a saaaad panda 🙁

EDIT: The problem seems to be caused by Symantec Endpoint Security (specifically the Application & Device Control component).  Hopefully Symantec will release an update that fixes this soon.  In the meantime you can uninstall Application & Device Control without completely uninstalling Symantec Endpoint Security.

EDIT: The problem has been added to the Chrome bug tracker, so you can track its progress here

EDIT: The problem has been added to the Symantec Knowledge Base here

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Google Chrome – Google’s Browser Project

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Apparently Google have sent out a comic book (!?) announcing their browser project – Chrome.

For years there have been rumors that Google was working on their own browser – I guess the rumors were true.

They seem to have put a lot of work into performance, usability and security.  Each tab is a separate process, which makes memory management and security easier and means a javascript-heavy tab won’t slow your other tabs (or the main browser) down.  Hopefully this will also mean that it will take advantage of multi-core/CPU computers.

Interestingly they’ve included an Omnibar which seems to be very similar to Firefox 3‘s Awesomebar and IE8’s Smartbar.  They’ve also made a smart homepage like IE8 beta 2 has and Mozilla is thinking about.  Google Gears is of course included.

They have also put a lot of thought into a fast JavaScript engine called V8.  It seems to do a lot of the optimizations that Mozilla were talking about for Firefox 3.1.

An advantage Google has when developing a browser is the enormous resources of their index – they can run automated tests against millions of websites without ever leaving their own data centers.  So by the time their browser gets to beta it should be much more stable than other betas.

One interesting thing is that Google and Mozilla just renewed their relationship for a few years, and now Google will be in competition with them – I wonder how Mozilla feels about that.

I’ll definitely check Chrome out when it’s released, but the one advantage Firefox will still have is Extensions.

EDIT: Apparently they’re releasing the beta tomorrow

EDIT: Google Blogoscoped have found some more info about Chrome

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