New Battlefield: Bad Company maps coming this fall!

Battlefield: Bad Company cover (Xbox 360)Image via Wikipedia

DICE have announced that we can vote on what Battlefield: Bad Company single player map will be converted to a Conquest map for the (free) map pack coming this fall.  The map pack will contain the two maps that get the most votes as well as two selected by DICE.

The maps up for vote are:

  • Acta Non Verba – Nestled with small villages around streams, rivers, and heavy forest could make for a perfect covert style infantry map.
  • Crash and Grab – This level with spread-out villages and industries in the lower mountains could lead to great light armor and infantry battles.
  • Par for the course – With a golf course in the middle of this map, this map could offer a great mix of golf carts, tanks, and gunships!
  • Ghost Town – Dense villages, dried up rivers and high bridges could lead to intense Heavy Armor and infantry fights that scar this once peaceful desert!
  • Crossing over – Dipping hills and patches of open fields mixed into the eastern European woodlands could make for an intense Gunship and Heavy Armor all out warfare.
  • Welcome to Bad Company – With open fields and small pockets of forest, this foothill map could make for a mix of Medium Armor and Jeep battles.

Voting is only open until September 2, so don’t delay – vote today!

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