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I’ve just added the Breadcrumb NavXT WordPress plugin to the blog – you can see the breadcrumbs just below the header at the top of all the pages.

Breadcrumbs are a representation of where a page is in the site hierarchy.  Each level of the hierarchy has a link – this lets visitors easily see where on the site the current page is, and helps them navigate around.

The plugin was a little tricky to set up – once you upload it to your FTP, two plugins show up in the WordPress admin screen.  One of them just puts the breadcrumbs on the pages, and the other one also enables the admin interface that lets you set the plugin up.  I can’t think of why you wouldn’t want the admin screen, because without it the plugin won’t work and you won’t know why.  Then when you get the admin screen there are loads of options and there’s no explanation of what they all do.

Anyway, once the plugin was set up it works really well and looks pretty good.

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Soup logo logo

I recently heard about a website called Soup from Andy DeSoto.

Apparently it’s an aggregation service like FriendFeed, Socialthing or Swurl.

To be honest it’s got a few problems – it doesn’t refresh automatically when new content is available and doesn’t even notify you so you can refresh it.

It does have a cool page designer so you can lay your page out the way you want it.  Even better, you can use your own subdomain to redirect to it – check my page out here.

Also it has an infinite scrollbar so you can just keep scrolling back in time without refreshing or changing  pages, which is nice.

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