Need For Speed: Undercover

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The next game in the Need For Speed franchise (Need For Speed: Undercover) has been announced.  So far all that they’ve said is that it will be more like a movie, and it will be plot focused.

It will have FMV shot in real Hollywood style by a real Hollywood director starring real Hollywood actors.

I have a feeling they’re reeling a bit from the disappointment that was Need For Speed: ProStreet.  The car customization was weak, the real life aerodynamics were a huge disappointment, and although the car damage was pretty good they took all the freedom out of the game.  I don’t want to race on a track – that’s why I’m not playing TOCA.

I played the original few Need For Speed games a bit, but I wasn’t really a fan until Hot Pursuit and I briefly became a fanatic for Underground.  Carbon and ProStreet left me cold.

What I really enjoyed was the freedom in Underground – it’s up to me what car I buy, what I do to it, where I go in the city, who I race etc.  The OMG moment with that was when I lowered the suspension on the car, drove out of the garage and I could feel the difference.  That’s the first time that ever happened to me in a car game.

So – more like a movie? plot? actors?  Meh.  Bring back Underground!

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Face Your Manga and Pownce Yearbook

My Face Your Manga picture

My Face Your Manga picture

All of a sudden there seems to be a wave of people making pictures of themselves using Face Your Manga (now including me).  Basically it’s the same as WeeMee and some other websites out there – you make a picture of yourself out of bits of face/body/clothes etc.  My one looks a bit grumpy, but not inaccurate.

It’s a fun bit of vanity but fairly limited – what makes the current wave more interesting is that Leah Siddall has made a site called Pownce Yearbook that shows the Face Your Manga pictures of people on Pownce.  It’s really interesting not only how people look but how they see themselves.

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