Spinnerette – Valium Knights

I’ve been a longtime fan of The Distillers, and I’ve always been disappointed that they broke up after only one album (I don’t count the first two albums as they sound completely different).  Coral Fang is one of my favorite albums (disturbing album art notwithstanding) and is one of the few albums where I love all (but one) of the songs on it.

Fortunately it turns out that the Distillers’ lead singer Brody Dalle has started a new band with similar sounding music – Spinnerette.

Spinnerette Valium Knights album cover

Spinnerette Valium Knights album cover

The title song from their upcoming album Valium Knights is available as an mp3 download if you sign up for the newsletter on their website.

If the rest of the album is as good as this song I just might have another favorite album – can’t wait.

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The long tail for games – proof of improvement

Battlefield: Bad Company player graph with uptickBattlefield: Bad Company player graph with uptick

I wrote a post about the long tail for games – how game developers should be paying more attention to how long people play their games, and trying to improve that by regularly releasing content.

Last week DICE released the first DLC for Battlefield: Bad Company (the Conquest game mode) and guess what – there was an uptick in the number of people playing the game.

Now if they could do that once a month they’d have people still playing next year.  And like I said in my previous post, it doesn’t have to be anything as major as a new game mode – a new map would do.

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