AdSense Catch-22 resolved (maybe)

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As you can see from the ads on the site, my previously mentioned AdSense problem is resolved.

The third message that I sent to AdSense support got a reply, so I guess persistence and rephrasing pays off :-\

I don’t think my problem is one that many people will have – in March I got them to change my account from a UK to a US once (since I live here now) and I got an automatic email saying that I had four months to do the phone verification.  But because I hadn’t earned $10 yet, I couldn’t do the verification (hello catch-22).  I emailed AdSense support and they said not to worry about it, because I wouldn’t have to do the verification until I earned $10.

Four months later (i.e. now) my account got disabled because I hadn’t done the phone verification :-I

What AdSense support have done is to extend the verification deadline by three months.  That’s fair enough, and thank you, but it took me two years to earn $5, so I’m really not sure I can do another $5 in three months…

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