WordPress 2.6

Today WordPress 2.6 was released, and today I upgraded (I have a compulsion to always be on the highest number – it’s a sickness).  They actually released it a month early, which is pretty much unheard-of in my experience – very impressive.

The upgrade went ok – I didn’t like the fact that for a while there my blog wouldn’t have been giving out 404’s and all sorts because the old files had been deleted and the new ones hadn’t been uploaded yet, but it didn’t last long.

I also had a hairy moment when I couldn’t log in after the upgrade, but I reset the password and all’s well.  I think they changed the hash secret keys or something.

Anyway, the list of changes is:

  1. Wiki-like tracking of edits
  2. Bookmarklet
  3. Gears integration
  4. Theme previews
  5. Image Captions

An official release post can be found here.

I wish the Gears integration did something other than speed up admin (a bit).  Oh well, maybe in a later version.

The revision tracking is truly excellent, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of that in the future.

The bookmarklet is interesting – I might start using that to tumblelog interesting things instead of sharing them using Google Shared items.

Theme previews are cool, but once I’ve chosen a theme I’m unlikely to change it frequently.

Image captions are an excellent addition.  Haven’t used them yet, but I might go back and update all my old posts with captions…

EDIT: Heh, had to change to the smaller video, the big one was overlapping the sidebar

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