New theme – Evanescence

Evanescence theme preview

Evanescence theme preview

I’ve finally found a WordPress theme I like better than the default one – Evanescence by Srini G.

For some reason I can’t see my blog in any other colour scheme than light blue and white with rounded corners and the sidebar on the right.

Let me know if you hate it 🙂

I think my ideal theme would have clouds (like the Sweet Dreams iGoogle theme), but I haven’t found one yet.

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In defence of Vista redux

Windows VistaImage via Wikipedia

This article illustrates the problem Microsoft has with public perception of Vista.  It supports my point about how terrible their Vista marketing has been.  Basically they got people to try out a new OS called Mojave and asked them whether they liked it – 90% of them did.  But it wasn’t Mojave, it was Vista – which shows that the problem is the perception, not reality.

There’s also news that Microsoft is starting a new marketing push for Vista, to finally start countering Apple’s “I’m a PC” campaign – and about time too.

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AdSense Catch-22 redux

Google Inc.Image via Wikipedia

So I finally got a reply from Google regarding my AdSense problem and…

Due to the high volumes of emails we receive, we’re unable to individually respond to your inquiry. Please find instant, reliable answers to all your questions in our online help resources.

Well isn’t that helpful.

I’ve posted my problem to the AdSense Google Group but since I couldn’t find anyone else that had the same problem as me, I don’t hold out much hope for some random member of the public being able to help me.

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Amazon Universal Wishlist

Amazon logo

Amazon logo

Amazon have just made a Universal Wishlist bookmarklet available.

I love having a wishlist.  It makes birthdays easy because it guarantees that I’ll like whatever I get, and it actually keeps me from spending some money.  If I know it’s impossible for me to forget that I found a movie I like (because it’s on my wishlist), I don’t have to buy it right now.  That might seem a bit strange but it’s the way my mind works.

For years Amazon has been my main wishlist repository – initially only for books, then movies, music and as they expanded their inventory, more and more.  3rd party sellers filled in the gaps, but there were still things that you couldn’t buy on Amazon, so you couldn’t put on the wishlist.  For example merchandise for web comics – they’re small, and they’ll only ever sell through their own website so there’s no chance of putting them on your Amazon wishlist.

Now with the Universal Wishlist bookmarket you can put any product from any website on your Amazon wishlist – problem solved.

In case any of you generous souls out there are interested, here’s my wishlist 🙂

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AdSense Catch-22

Google Inc.Image via Wikipedia

Those of you who don’t use AdBlock may have noticed that my blog is now showing public service ads instead of the usual contextual AdSense ads.

There’s a message on my AdSense account saying:

Your pages are displaying Public Service Advertisements (PSAs) because you have not verified your contact information.

I think what it’s talking about is the new phone verification system where they give you a code, you give them a phone number, they phone you up and you put the code in.  Or the other way around, I’m not really clear on it.

Here’s the Catch-22 though: I don’t have the option to perform the phone verification until I’ve earned $10, but I can’t earn any more money because it’s showing PSA’s because I haven’t performed the phone verification…

I sent a message to Google asking for help, but so far there has been no reply.

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Amazon S3 down

Amazon logo

Amazon logo

Amazon S3 seems to be down (see the status page), which takes down all of the services that rely on it, like DropBox, Zemanta and JungleDisk.

I guess this demonstrates the problems with relying on external services like this…

EDIT: and it’s back up

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WordPress 2.6

Today WordPress 2.6 was released, and today I upgraded (I have a compulsion to always be on the highest number – it’s a sickness).  They actually released it a month early, which is pretty much unheard-of in my experience – very impressive.

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DirecTV DVR woes – part two

DIRECTV, Inc.Image via Wikipedia

This is an update on the situation with my DirecTV DVR.  It broke on Wednesday and they were sending someone out between 12 and 4pm on Saturday.

Now it’s 7:30 pm on Saturday and the guy’s not here.

I can’t say I’m impressed with their customer service.

When he didn’t arrive by 4pm we phoned up and (after having to phone a different company that provides support for DirecTV) we were told that the techies received their assignments late and so the guy would be here by 6pm.  Just now we called again (since he’s an hour and a half late for the new time) and were told that our appointment has been given to someone else, and he’ll be here in “about an hour”.

We will see.  But we are not happy.

EDIT: He showed up at 8:30 pm, all’s well.  Incidentally they replaced our R15 with an R16

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Burn Notice season two


Burn Notice DVD cover

Burn Notice DVD cover

First of all – Burn Notice season two!  Yay!  Watching it live because of my DVR malfunction, but I’d probably watch it live anyway because it’s so cool!


Second of all, how did he get the Cadillac out of the truck?

Gabrielle Anwar‘s starting to look a bit old 🙁  Sorry babe

I like Jeffrey Donovan‘s English accent 😀

The bullet between the legs was cool

Michael Westen‘s mom has always pissed me off.  I guess that’s the point of her character…

I don’t trust Jimmy the hacker guy, I think he’s a plant.  Why are they trying so hard to convince Michael that they have the guy’s family?

I like Sam’s “can count  on the fingers of one hand” recurring joke.

Why is the mercenary dude supposed to think the boat blew up?

Wow, after chasing him for a whole series, Fiona just dumps him?  And now he wants her?  Whaaaat?

Six from Battlestar Galactica – must be a main character.

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In defence of Vista

Windows VistaImage via Wikipedia

I don’t know why everyone complains about Vista – I like it. Read the rest of this entry »