Plurk logo

Plurk logo

Today I discovered Plurk – a microblogging site very much like twitter.

The comparison is inescapable – it’s like the Plurk developers look a long, hard look at what was wrong with twitter and decided to do better.

The main display is a timeline, which is nicer than the sparse text-only twitter display.

It has the concept of sharing pictures and links and of replying to plurks all built in.

Plurk also has something called karma points. The more involved you are (plurking, inviting people etc.) the more little features unlock – like extra emoticons. This actually works pretty well (so far) for the same reason that Xbox Achievements do.

Their logo is not as photogenic as twitter’s – a headless doglike thing… I get the impression they have an odd sense of humor, which is fair enough.

Finally, the biggest problem with twitter is its scalability problems, which the Plurk blog says they’ve built in from the ground up – but everyone says that.

To be honest I barely used twitter, so I’m not sure I’ll get much use out of Plurk. But on day 1 it’s fun. If people I knew used it, there might be a day 2.









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