GTA IV Pre-Order shipped!

Grand Theft Auto IVImage via WikipediaWoo (and dare I say it) hoo! In the past I’ve had one or two disappointing experiences with Amazon pre-orders, but apparently my GTA IV pre-order has shipped! With any luck I’ll actually get it by the release date this time.

As this is a very highly anticipated game, there’s probably no point in re-hashing what we know so far, but after I’ve played it I might do a quick review.

Until GTA IV comes out, Saints Row is the only HD, next gen open-world game. I really enjoyed playing Saints Row, but I’ve played it enough to be bored of it now. Saints Row 2 comes out August-ist, so we’ll see whether I’m bored of GTA IV by then. They’ve taken a very different tack with Saints Row, and I like them both.

Apparently the press is already complaining about GTA and it’s not even out yet. Those guys crack me up. And by “crack me up” I mean “piss me off”.

They call it a murder simulator. Gues what we were doing when we were playing cops & robbers or cowboys & indians in the back yard? Yeah, that’s right, pretending to kill each other.

They call it antisocial. You know what else is antisocial? Reading. Go on national television denouncing the evils of reading, I dare you.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th edition, with Britannica book of the year 2002, with white library labels.Image via WikipediaYou may have seen in the news recently that Encyclopaedia Britannica is actually trying to do something about the fact that they’ve been replaced as a source of information by the Internet in general and Wikipedia in particular. They started to give out a year’s free subscription called WebShare to bloggers.

I applied for a subscription on the off chance that I’d get one – I am a blogger after all. Even though I have barely any readership, no subscriptions and a PageRank of 3, they gave me one. I guess either I’m more notable than I thought or they’re more desperate 🙂

Anyway, let’s try looking up some topics from my recent posts:

  • Twine – No
  • Burn Notice – No
  • Laughing Man – No
  • Skeleton Watches – No
  • Xobni – No
  • Firefly – No
  • Call Of Duty 4 – No
  • Socialthing – No
  • Wicked – No

So based on this sample, it doesn’t look like the Encyclopaedia is going to be much use to me. I seem to always be blogging about recent and pop culture topics, and none of those things seem to have articles in the Encyclopaedia. Maybe if I was blogging about Shakespeare or the loom or something.

I also had a hell of a time getting it to work at all – I think what eventually fixed it was adding to the Google Web Accelerator exclusion list.

I’m also not sure what will happen to those Encyclopaedia links when my one year free subscription is over. If they stop working then it’s really not worth it.