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I got into the Twine invite-only beta and I have ten invites to give out – add a comment to this post with your email address if you want one.

I can’t honestly say I really understand what it does – I read the Twine Overview and a very informative blog post, but still…

It seems to be something to do with the semantic web, but whether the users of Twine are making the web semantic by tagging things in Twine or whether Twine is making the web semantic by scraping existing web sites or whether it just organizes the semantic information already out there, I don’t really know.

The Overview mentions social bookmarking, blogging and collaboration, but these seem to be activities that Twine supports rather than the main point of the thing.

I never understood social bookmarking – I don’t mind sharing my bookmarks with people but why would they care? I certainly don’t care what other people bookmark, and that would never be how I discover new websites. I use Google Bookmarks so I can access my bookmarks wherever I am, and that’s all the functionality I need.

So anyway if you understand what Twine does and you want an invite, just add a comment.







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