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Stuhrling Winchester

Stuhrling Winchester

I’ve been thinking of getting a new watch – my Timex Expedition Indiglo is great but I’m a bit bored of it.

The big point of choosing the Expedition was that the whole face of the watch is Indiglo, so the whole thing lights up when you push the button. Other watches I’ve had have only had tiny glow-in-the-dark dots, which I’ve always found useless. The other cool thing is that because the illumination is Indiglo it uses a very small amount of power, so although I’ve had it for ages the battery’s still good. However, after owning the Expedition for years I’ve realized that I hardly ever need to know the time in the dark 🙂

So anyway I was browsing for a new watch when I came across the category of skeleton watches, which I’d never heard of before. And I love them! Basically they’re clockwork watches with nothing between the hands and the clockwork so you can see all the little gears and things. Some of them even have glass backs so you can see all the way through the watch!

There are mechanical mechanism skeleton watches, but I don’t want to have to remember to wind my watch every morning. There are also automatic mechanism models, which wind themselves using the energy from the movement of your arm, which makes it even more cool.

There are pocket and wrist skeleton watches but I don’t think I could pull off a pocket watch, no matter much much I like them.

I haven’t found a skeleton watch that’s quite perfect – it has to be silver, but most of them are brass colored. It also has to have a metal watchband and most of them are leather. Finally, a lot of them have extra dials for day of the week etc. which gets in the way of the clockwork, messing up the whole skeleton feature. Also they start at $100 and get more expensive from there…

The one I like the best at the moment is the Stuhrling Original Men’s Lifestyle ‘Winchester’ Skeleton Automatic Watch #165.331554, but the hands are blue, the watchband is leather and I don’t like the numbers. On the up side it is automatic and you can see all the way through it…

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