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I’ve recently seen some good things said about Scrivener, for example that it was a leap forward for writers like the difference between the typewriter and word processor. (I don’t actually remember where I read that so I can’t reference it)

Basically a word processor is just a big white empty space for you to type, whereas Scrivener gives you tools to help you plan your writing, outline, timeline etc.

It made me think about it and they’re right – word processor’s aren’t great for writing. Whenever I wrote anything I would have a big stack of paper with notes and timelines and plans and todo’s written on them. And in the writing itself I’d have things highlighted in red when I wanted to remember that they needed refining or finishing.

Unfortunately Scrivener is Mac only, and I can’t bring myself to enter that world. After a bit of googling I found some suggestions for Windows alternatives. As I’d never heard of any of them I assume none of them are as revolutionary as Scrivener is, or perhaps they just haven’t spent as much on marketing.

I will try them out and review them here. If anyone has any other suggestions let me know.

With any luck this will prod me into starting to write again – it has been a very long time.

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