Windows Monad Shell Beta 2 (Updated)

Updated version of beta 2 of the new Microsoft Command Shell, built for Vista (Longhorn) but works in XP too. Update just makes it work with .NET v2 RTM. Makes DOS look silly. I love this shell. I hereby surrender my attempts at creating my own, because now there’s no point.

For all your spam filtering and reporting needs, may I recommend…


Been using this for… must be years now. Works very well.

Possibly the most useful program ever


Zero-config VPN. Genius.

cool clock

I enjoy things like this, I can’t help thinking that there has to be a better way of showing time than clocks… not seen any yet though

this is too cool for school

Radiohead – Creep

Also check out the rest of the stuff this guy‘s done, it’s amaaaazing, especialy the JCB song and Low Morale

long time no blog

Well, no blog in almost a year and a half… hear the disappointment of all the people reading this, just listen to them all…

Aaaaaanyway check out la website de mi amigo, tis teh cool

Mostly reading RSS using google reader. People have criticised it, and it’s not perfect but I’m such a google whore that I stick with it 🙂