87 is here!

Spam Bully – Email spam filter for Outlook and Outlook Express.

Download v2.0.0.87 here or look at what’s new here….

I’ve yet to try it out but will do in a few seconds… hitting “Check for updates” every day pays off! Must have latest version, must have, must have

Not obsessive compulsive, really

Perhaps it would suck

Microsoft Mice & Keyboards – IntelliMouse Explorer

But then perhaps not. The point is, as well as being optical (which is a must) it has a horizontal scrolly thing as well as the normal vertical one. The only way to guage it’s level of suck or otherwise would be to try one and they’re a bit expensive to just find out.

Must get over my product lust, I’m such a consumer whore…

Ah, the gadgets

Play.com: Pin Clock on Gadgets

It’s, um, kinda expensive for a clock, but gadgets are usually overpriced… it’s cool tho

Well who knew

FileForum | Program Detail – VNC for Windows

After a silence of… years… VNC has reappeared with a whole new version! Yaay! Well alright

And today my wallpaper will mostly be…

deviantART: The Peacemaker – by *adonihs

wow, i mean… wow

Paintball pics

Bluedogfood.org gallery :: Paintball at Delta Force

Pictures somebody took of our paintballing yesterday. I’m in a couple pics.

Whittier or not Whittier

Diesel – Whittier

I want em. But they’re costly. Decisions, decisions…

They’re shoes by the way, trainers. The old ones smell of chicken poo cos I went paintballing with Dave and Laura and about 20 of Dave’s friends yesterday. And for whatever reason the mud isn’t mud, it’s chicken poo.